Cutting-edge payment handling and
360° payment solutions
Combine networks over the Internet and share voice
and data over any connection, anywhere in the world
Elite Cluster-Based Private Server Cost-effective,
high-feature virtual server systems.
SPEC Server
Our revolutionary system lets users manage card,
EMV Chip and NFC (contactless) payment across their organisation's points of sale.
All managed via one interface.
Ideal for businesses where customer service generates added value.
One handling solution
for all payment methods.


Saiwall - Global VPN Manager

Management platform that combines networks over the Internet and shares voice, image and data over any connection, anywhere in the world.

SD-WAN Solutions

Saima Systems can offer a direct communication solution against the central in Spain with SD-WAN Technology with the following benefits.

SaimaPay - Payment Gateway

We are pioneers of the NFC technology that lets users make payments and receive value-added services via contactless payment cards and smartphones.


You can easily handle and manage all payments via one interface. Ideal for businesses where customer service generates added value.

We make telecommunications easy and secure


Network Consultancy

We help clients manage technology resources and quickly and securely extend network infrastructure.

Technical Support

We give you expert technical support and resolution of potential network infrastructure issues.

Electronics Engineering

Our telecoms electronics are designed and developed by our technical and expert department on R&D.

Software Development

Software coding and development for management and control systems and communications modules.

We adapt our services to your needs


Global Reach

We currently deliver services in eight countries: Spain, England, France, Finland, Portugal, Mexico, Chile and the United States.

And we’ll be opening new delegations in Washington D.C. (United States) soon.

About Us

Saima Systems has been delivering telecoms solutions based on proprietary hardware and software to clients worldwide since 2002. We also provide 360° payment solutions that cover every POS need.

Saima Systems worldwide

Building on our experience and products’ success in the international market, at Saima Systems we’re stepping up our internationalisation strategy.