Aceros Bergara

Irestal Group has been processing, selling and distributing stainless steel since 1945. The team at Irestal Group are fully devoted to its corporate rationale of offering its clients high-quality, made-to-measure stainless-steel solutions and personal and highly professional service. Today, Irestal Group comprises 12 companies with 29 branches spread throughout Spain, France, Portugal, Russia, the Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Great Britain.

Flexibility essential
Irestal Group needed a platform that unified all of its communications independently of the Internet service providers contracted in the various branches’ home countries. Furthermore, this network infrastructure had to have full line and hardware redundancy to guarantee 100% network operation 24/7.
In addition to the technology required to achieve this, the company also needed to cut communications costs as, at the time, its lines were entirely managed by local telecom providers with extremely high international connection costs.
Saiwall Global VPN Manager allowed the company to interconnect all of its centres and achieve redundancy via local telecom providers, cutting the communications and management costs associated with them and centralising communications management via the SAIWALL platform interface.
Today, all of Irestal Group’s national and international offices use the SAIWALL VPN platform.

Objectives fulfilled for Irestal Group

  • Cut communications costs.
  • Provide Saiwall hardware and line redundancy at all offices.
  • End dependency on telecom providers.
  • Manage all offices centrally.
  • Make implementation in branches flexible and easy.

CLIENT  :  Aceros Bergara

PRODUCT  :  Saiwall VPN

YEAR  :  2010