In 2012, having successfully helped our international clients implement communications networks covering over 64 countries and totalling more than 15,000 international connections, Saima Systems decided to take the company global.




International connections

Saima Systems Internacional Group now has a physical presence on two continents — Europe and the Americas.

In Europe, we currently deliver services in Spain, England, Italy, France, Finland and Portugal and plan to extend that list in the near future.

In South America, we are focusing on Mexico and Chile. In North America, we operate in Florida and will soon open a delegation in Washington D.C.

For Saima Systems, these are strategic countries in which our technology delivers huge technological and financial benefits across a range of sectors.

Our products’ and services’ overwhelming success is down to their innovation content and robustness. And they’re all based on proprietary technology that draws on over 15 years’ industry expertise.