Based on over 10 years’ experience of delivering PSSI services, Saima Systems provides cost-effective and high-feature virtual server systems.

How Do We Keep Costs Low?

Saima Systems offers clients the following advantages:

  • One-month free trial.
  • No installation or registration costs.
  • The most competitive maintenance costs on the market.
  • Powerful server infrastructure at low monthly cost.
  • National and international support included in the price.

Our Data Centre

Saima Systems’ IT systems and connection devices are housed in one of the most technologically advanced and secure data centres anywhere in the world.

  • Includes PCI certificates.
  • Fully redundant connection (2 x 1-Gb lines).
  • Physical and data access security systems.

Advantages of Saima Systems' SPEC Server

  • 100-Mb symmetrical bandwidth with peaks of up to 1 Gb.
  • Server cluster.
  • Powerful high-speed processors.
  • Mirror capability.
  • SLAs available.

Guaranteed confidentiality and security

Our system is protected by the strongest data confidentiality and security measures available. It is online 24/7, guaranteed by our data centre’s fully redundant cluster environment.