The Codorniu family business dates back to the mid-16th century.

In 1872, and after a visit to the Champagne region, Josep Raventós i Fatjó started producing his first bottles of a high-quality sparkling wine with a character all of its own. He followed the traditional method, but blended the Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada grape varieties, pioneering cava production in Spain.

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, cava made steady inroads in the Spanish market and the Codorniu winery went from strength to strength. The arrival of Manuel Raventós at the head of the firm brought intelligence, persistence and an inspiring vision of the future to Codorniu as the company grew and expanded internationally. This growth continued solidly in the 1970s and today Codorniu has branches in the world’s most vibrant capital cities.

Flexibility essential
Codorniu needed a platform that unified all of its communications independently of the Internet service providers contracted in the various branches’ home countries. Furthermore, this network infrastructure had to have full line and hardware redundancy and security to guarantee 100% network operation 24/7.

The firm also needed to cut communications costs as, at the time, its lines were managed entirely by telecom providers with high-cost international connections.

Saiwall Global VPN Manager allowed the company to interconnect all of its centres and achieve redundancy via local telecom providers, cutting the communications and management costs associated with them and centralising communications management via the SAIWALL platform interface.

Today, all of Codorniu’s national and international offices use the SAIWALL VPN platform.

Objectives fulfilled for Codorniu

  • Cut communications costs.
  • Provide Saiwall hardware and line redundancy at all offices.
  • End dependency on telecom providers.
  • Manage all offices centrally.

CLIENT  :  Codorniu

PRODUCT  :  Saiwall VPN

YEAR  :  2010