La Sirena

This pioneering company specialising in wholesale frozen foods was founded in 1983 in Terrassa, Barcelona.

Almost three decades later, La Sirena has become Spain’s leading frozen-food retailer, with 237 shops and employing over 1,000 people throughout the country.

The number of outlets has increased significantly in recent years and the firm needed a communications solution that would allow it to expand easily without having to depend on any one telecom provider.

Prior to installing the Saiwall platform, the firm used a VPN solution provided by a national provider that included full network management.

With Saiwall VPN, La Sirena fulfilled three essential and previously unmet objectives:

  • It put a 3G back-up in place that, in the event of line failure in any of the shops, automatically reconnected to the network via 3G without the shop manager even noticing.
  • It achieved total provider independence, as the firm now managed its own network and had full control of its communications infrastructure.
  • And finally, it achieved major cost savings by eliminating the expense associated with the telecom provider’s VPN.

CLIENT  :  La Sirena

PRODUCT  :  Saiwall VPN

YEAR  :  2013