The MAXAM industrial group is a world leader in the development, production and sale of raw materials, explosives used in civil engineering and defence and energy industry products.

Since Alfred Nobel founded the firm in 1872, MAXAM has grown into a global organisation. It now comprises five business units, operates over 140 companies on all five continents, employs 6,500 staff worldwide, has production facilities in over 45 countries and sells its products in more than 100 national markets.

Maxam is a constantly growing company that needed a solution that allowed it to expand its communications infrastructure easily without having to depend on a single global provider. What it was looking for was an option that allowed it to expand according to line requirements and service coverage at each location, building a secure VPN based on local communications providers.

Another of the key requirements was that the firm needed line redundancy via 3G or 4G back-up.

With its Saiwall VPN, Saima Systems fulfilled this objective and interconnected remote offices that had not previously been on the network because of system incompatibilities. So far, the company has over 80 local branches connected to the Saiwall VPN, accessing the network from countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Australia, Mongolia, Angola, Ghana, Vietnam, Colombia, Venezuela, Finland and Poland.

CLIENT  :  Maxam

PRODUCT  :  Saiwall VPN

YEAR :  2013