MyBestOption achieved its main objective — making sure that thousands of users could browse its website at the same time during a high-impact TV ad campaign, all at minimal cost.

The SPEC Server high-performance solution uses a cluster structure based on ultra-high-speed disks, latest-generation RAM and powerful processors to create a VPN to interconnect central IT systems and local branches.

SPEC Server‘s flexibility makes it ideal for solutions like the one required by MyBestOption.

MyBestOption is a website that compares the prices and services offered by ADSL and Internet, mobile phone, vehicle insurance, home/company alarm, electricity, gas and landline providers.

Throughout March and April 2010, following ads shown during Spanish TV programmes Pasapalabra (audience of over 3 million people) and Sálvame Diario (audience of over 2 million people) aired on domestic channel Tele 5, thousands of users browsed MyBestOption simultaneously and used the comparison engines. All of this was achieved without overloading the lines or crashing the website and was done extremely cost-effectively.

SPEC Server‘s outstanding features fully coped with this project’s demanding requirements.

The server had to process the enormous volume of information requested by the thousands of users accessing the website whilst simultaneously delivering search results from the databases stored on the ultra-high-speed disks.

The web environment and services created for MyBestOption required bandwidth of over 100 Mb/s.

SPEC Virtual Server’s flexibility optimised delivery of powerful advertising campaigns at minimal cost.

Objectives fulfilled for MyBestOption

  • Run a powerful ad campaign shown during well-known Spanish TV shows Pasapalabra and Sálvame aired on commercial channel Tele5.
  • Prompt viewers to access the website.
  • Handle simultaneous access by thousands of users without overloading the line or crashing the server.
  • Handle thousands of requests.
  • Combine media (TV and Internet).
  • Do all the above at minimal bandwidth cost and without server crashes.

CLIENT  :  MyBestOption


YEAR  :  2010